About Me

Hi! I’m Patricia Hisugan, a 26-year-old ambivert, wanderlust, entrepreneur, content marketer, and writer from Manila.

If I’m not in a coffee shop writing or reading, probably I’m hanging out with loved ones, on a roadtrip or traveling. I’m quite adventurous; I enjoy water sports and trying out extreme outdoor activities. I also sing and lead worship — all for God’s glory.

Although I try to be an optimistic person, I still have my fair share of drama, failures, mistakes, and shortcomings. In times of trials, I hold on to God, ask for wisdom, and try to find practical solutions, stat.

As a young writer, my ultimate dream is to be able to pen and publish my own book. I’m hoping and praying that one day I could inspire people through my life story, my battle with depression, my plot twists, and all the lessons attached to these. Above all, I know that I’m born not just for myself, so I do all the ways I can to make our Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel known across the globe. He has changed the way I see life and people. I owe it all to Him. 🙂

I hope you would find this blog helpful, whether for your future trips or for life in general. Don’t hesitate to send me questions or messages as well. I’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible.

God bless!



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