How I Started Eating Healthier

I’ve battled with self love for over a decade, and it even manifested with the way I eat. I became a serial junk food eater, binging on chicken nuggets, potato chips, ice cream, and chocolates almost every day.

I would often feel guilty about the way I eat, and would try to correct it through strict caloric deficits. But because the root cause wasn’t fixed yet, I’d end up in the same unhealthy lifestyle after a few weeks.

As cliché as it may sound though, it really starts from within. When I’ve started healing my wounds from the past and have chosen to speak life to myself, I‘ve gained this “genuine desire” to take care of my body, not to provide a band-aid solution out of guilt.

At the moment, I’m slowly transitioning to being plant-based, taking every step at my own pace. Some days are better than the others, but I’m at peace with the thought that I’m at my healthiest state — spiritually, mentally and physically.

The journey to self love isn’t a piece of cake, especially when you see your flaws and remember your failures. Insecurities would always be there, but when we learn to see ourselves the way our Creator sees us — loved, beautiful, forgiven and accepted — it transpires in beautiful ways. 

Cheers to healthier souls and lifestyles! 🧡

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