Thank You for the Ups and Downs, 2018

2018 has been a year of extremes. I’ve had the hardest battles at one end and got answered prayers on the other. But for the mountaintops and setbacks, I’m grateful. I’m grateful because more than anything else, His grace abounds.

I’m grateful that every time I make stupid decisions, my Dad up there embraces me with discipline and unfathomable love. I’m grateful because I don’t deserve everything I have, yet God continuously opens His hands generously. I’m grateful that even if I’m a work in progress, I can still be used somewhere somehow. I’m grateful that I have Jesus because even if I’m just a speck in a world filled with trillions of people, I still exist because I have a purpose.

I’m grateful that I have strong, supportive loved ones who see the best and worst of me every day, yet choose to love and back me up nevertheless. I’m grateful for all the people I’ve encountered this year — those who left and those who’ve chosen to stay.

I’m grateful for new experiences, new cultures explored, and all the opportunities that came unexpectedly. I’m grateful for the humbling failures which reminded me that learning never stops, and that traversing life isn’t easy.

I’m grateful for this year, for every minute of it, because He has designed my days and made them all worthwhile.

Thank you, 2018. Praise God.


2 thoughts on “Thank You for the Ups and Downs, 2018

  1. Aw, I love this one, Pat! Inspired me to make a blog about my 2018 too. Because I learned an important lesson – it’s when we fully commit our year – our lives – to Him, that’s when things work out best for us.

    1. Yesss! Proverbs 16:3 <3 Excited na ako for our P&F on January!!! Send your prayer list ulit :)

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