8 Perks of Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor

If you’re looking for a job or planning to change careers, feel free to apply as a Sun Life financial advisor. Here are some of the perks:

1. Living with a Purpose

Apart from personal goals, Sun Life financial advisors know they exist not just for themselves. They share the same purpose: to spread financial literacy and guide Filipinos towards financial freedom and a brighter life.

2. Free Financial Trainings & Seminars

Before sending them to the battlefield, Sun Life educates its own financial advisors about investment trends, life insurance, stocks, mutual fund, and economic challenges. Therefore, financial advisors get the privilege to immediately apply everything they’ve learned and also secure a brighter future for their loved ones.

3. Travel Incentives & Recognitions

Sun Life is a generous company. The management gives credit and awards to whom they are due. Aside from medals and plaques, they also give local and international travel incentives to top financial advisors. In fact, in 2018, Sun Life awardees flew to Switzerland, Japan, and Henann Resorts Bohol.

4. Unlimited Income

A financial advisor works like a freelancer. Your income depends on your diligence and determination to succeed. The sky is the limit but it entails consistency and patience.

5. Flexible Working Hours

No time in, no Bundy clock. You plot your own schedule, so you can also decide what time to sleep or wake up. You have bottomless leaves and time-off provided that you’ll be able to achieve your set goals. You can meet clients in the morning; submit the application at Sun Life’s office after lunch; then go to the gym afterward.

6. Enlargement of Network

Congeniality is a requirement for a Sun Life financial advisor because you meet new people almost every day. Your network expands as you earn referrals and as random strangers ask you for proposals on social media.

7. Fast Career Growth

Age and tenure are not an issue for a financial advisor’s career growth. If you can tick off the requirements for promotion in less than a year, the company will surely give it to you.

8. Close Encounter with Papa P every year (hahaha)

Whether you’re a fan of Piolo Pascual or not, you’ll surely see him, plus other Sun Life endorsers every year at Sun Life’s events. The company throws a free concert every year to motivate and thank its financial advisors for their hard work, loyalty and commitment to secure the lives of Filipino people.

If these perks ring a bell to you, you’re welcome to apply as a Sun Life Financial Advisor! Maharlika Sales Team is looking for new additions to their high-performing slate. Kindly send your CV to pattyhisugan10@gmail.com to get started.

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