11-hour Macau Day Tour with Klook

We’ve known Macao (traditional) or Macau (modern) as the casino capital of the world. With a land area of 30.5 square kilometers, this Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China has about 650,000 population. Quite ironically, Macau is composed of 36 casinos and 17 Catholic churches. It’s widely influenced by the Portuguese culture as it was colonized by the Portuguese from the 1500s to 1999. 

For the second time, I went to Hong Kong with my family last November. Since we weren’t able to visit Macau during our first visit in 2014, I decided to avail a Macau day tour from Klook. This post is not sponsored by Klook, but I decided to mention them because I really learned a lot from this tour. Our tour guide, Mario, mentioned numerous noteworthy facts about Macau, its history, their current way of living, the people, the government, future improvements, and more.

Listed below are the places we visited on our 11-hour Macau day tour, plus other inclusions.

 Macau Tower


Standing 338-meter tall, this tower holds the “highest bungee jump spot in the world” title. It has 63 floors and is also known as Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre. If you’re not that into an extreme adventure, you may opt to shop, dine or watch a movie in Macau Tower.

 Grand Emperor Hotel


Owned by the rich and famous superstar Jackie Chan, this casino-hotel exudes luxury as it has 78 pure gold bars in the lobby. Each gold bar weighs 1 kg. and is embedded on the floor. Another “attractions” here are the physically attractive Roman guards. Oops!

 A-Ma Temple

We also visited a Chinese temple of the sea-goddess Mazu. The best part of dropping by here is being able to buy a box of mouthwatering Portuguese egg tarts nearby. I’m not a fan of tarts but I was able to finish three of those in just one sitting. Yes, it’s that good.

 Senado Square

Senado Square

This UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site is a must-see for tourists because of its picturesque architecture. The 3,700-square meter square has a business and a religious zone. It’s ideal for shopping, although you might need to brave a sea of people during weekends so be cautious of pickpockets.

 The Ruins of St. Paul’s

Another spot that holds the UNESCO stamp in Macau is The Ruins of St. Paul’s. It was built in 1602, and was burnt down on 1835, leaving only the granite facade, some artifacts, and 68 stone steps.

 St. Dominic’s Church

st. dominic church

You’ll see this yellow Catholic church in the middle of Senado Square. Built by Spanish-Dominican priests, it’s considered the 31st world heritage location in China.

 The Venetian Macao

                                     Macau Day Tour

This is probably one of the most popular casinos in Macau. It’s a close replica of Venice in Italy – both in structure and ambiance. We stayed here only for a few minutes to explore and take some photos.

 Kum Iam Statuegoddess of mercy

This bronze statue is located on the manmade island in Macau, the Outer Harbor. They call her Kum Iam, the Chinese Buddhist goddess of mercy.

 Other Inclusions

Aside from pick-up and drop-off from and to B.P. International Hotel in Hong Kong, the fare for the 1-hour ferry ride back and forth Hong Kong and Macau are also included in the package. Our buffet lunch at Metropark Hotel Macau was also included.


For less than P5,500 per pax, the tour is already sulit for us. So if you’re also planning to go on a side trip to Macau from Hong Kong, I highly suggest that you avail their 11-hour Macau day tour package. Again, this post is not sponsored by Klook, but I’m writing as a satisfied client. 🙂 I hope you learned something from this entry. Have a great day ahead!

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