4-Day Itinerary in San Vicente, Palawan

Palawan is known for housing one of the seven wonders of the world (The Underwater River), for having some of the best diving spots across the globe, and for having the most serene lagoons in the country.

In case you’ve already visited El Nido, Puerto Princesa, and Coron, and you thought you’re done with Palawan, I’m here to tell you otherwise. San Vicente, a town located about four hours away from Puerto Princesa, is another hidden gem in this province. If you’re a lover of white sand and the sun, you should definitely explore this place. For four days, the average all-in amount you’ll spend with this itinerary is between P11,000 and 15,000, depending on your food choices.

Here’s my four-day itinerary when I visited San Vicente, Palawan last July 2017 with my family and friends.

Airline: Philippine Airlines

Lodging: Turubien Resort

Day 1

 Dinner at Ka Inato
 Four-hour travel time from Puerto Princesa to San Vicente
 Arrival at Turubien Resort, Long Beach

Long Beach, the 14-kilometer shoreline in San Vicente, is probably the next big thing in Palawan. It’s actually three times longer than the shoreline in Boracay; hence the name Long Beach. I guess it could be one of the most visited beaches in Palawan a few years from now — or it could become the next Boracay although if you would ask me, I want it to remain the same. Peaceful. Relaxing. Flawless.

Day 2 (Island Hopping)

 Maxima Island
 Inaladelan/German Island (Turtle watching + Lunch)
 Twin Reef (Snorkeling venue)
 Sand Bar
 Dinner at Long Beach

Day 3 (Island Hopping 2)

 Tandan Beach (highly Instagrammable virgin beach)
 Palawan Camping (perfect for team building, family camping, honeymooners)
 Nao Nao Island
 Port Barton
 Bigaho Falls (It’s a gem!!!! The photos can’t justify its beauty)

The most beautiful secrets of San Vicente were revealed on our second island hopping. My favorite parts of day 3 were (1) being able to enjoy the beauty of Tandan Beach all to ourselves, (2) being able to explore Palawan Camping for free, and being able to privately swim at the breathtaking Bigaho Falls. I definitely want to repeat this tour when I come back to San Vicente.

Day 4 (Side trip: Puerto Princesa)

 Crocodile Farm
 Baker’s Hill (Home of the best hopia)

To kill time while waiting for our flight, we dropped by the Crocodile Farm, Bakers’ Hill and Balinsasayaw in Puerto Princesa.


Feel free to message me via Facebook or Instagram if you have questions about this San Vicente, Palawan itinerary. Have a great day ahead! 🙂




6 thoughts on “4-Day Itinerary in San Vicente, Palawan

  1. Do you happen to know how to get back to San Vic from Port Barton? Your response is truly appreciated!

    1. We rented a boat for island hopping. That’s how we got to Port Barton and got back to San Vicente via the same boat.

      1. Hi! Do you have a contact number for the boat? How much was it? thanks!

      2. Hi! The island hopping package was just referred to us by the person in Turublien Resort. I think it costs around P1,000 – P1,500 per person. Sorry can’t remember the exact price.

  2. Hi, would like to know how much did you spend for each island hopping in San Vicente? And also contact person/s for the island hopping? Many thanks!

    1. Hi! The island hopping package was just referred to us by the person in Turublien Resort. They arranged it for us. Hehe.

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