Guimaras Day Tour

Travel Itinerary: Guimaras Day Tour

Hi, wanderlust!

Two of my friends and I went on a four-day tri-province Visayas trip a few weeks ago. We spent the first two days in Iloilo; we availed a Guimaras day tour on the third day and then explored Negros Occidental during our last day.

Guimaras is only 15 minutes away from the port of Iloilo. FYI, there are two ports in Iloilo that could bring you to Guimaras. Make sure to tell the taxi/tricycle driver to take you to Iloilo to Jordan port because it’s closer to the tourist spots than the other port. The fare costs less than P20.

Since we had limited time, we chose to avail the city day tour rather than the island hopping tour. As soon as we arrived at Jordan Wharf, a local welcomed us, asked us to register and offered us the city day tour package.

Shall we start the tour now? ūüėČ


Duration: 4 to 7 hours (It depends on the time you’d spend in the tourist spots.)

Cost: The amount varies depending on the vehicle you will rent.

  • P1,500 (tricycle)
  • P2,500 (jeep)
  • P3,500+ (van)

We spent only P500 each for the transpo since we chose to ride the tricyle and enjoy the fresh air.

 Smallest Plaza

Guimaras smallest plaza

As its name implies, this plaza holds the smallest plaza title in the Philippines. It’s the nearest spot in Jordan Wharf.

¬†Lopez’s Mansion

                    Lopez's mansion Guimaras

This mansion facing the ocean is owned by Fernando Lopez, the vice president of the Philippines from 1949 to 1972. Yes, he served three terms.

 Guimaras Church



Founded in 1180, this is the oldest church in Guimaras.



San Lorenzo, Guimaras is the home of less than 30 electricity-providing windmills. Established by Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corp. (TAREC), these windmills have become a tourist attraction just like those in Ilocos.

 Lunch at The Pitstop Restaurant


This is a popular hangout place in Guimaras – both of locals and tourists – because they serve almost everything with mangoes. The must-try is their range of mango pizzas.

 Guimaras Capitol

guimaras capitol

The featured photo of this blog was shot in the provincial capitol. Aside from the local government offices, you’ll also find several pasalubong shops in this area. But I won’t recommend you to buy there because they sell keychains, ref magnets, etc. more expensively than those being sold in other tourist spots.

 Trappist Abbey

trappist abbey

Run by monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance, Trappist Abbey is a sacred place for the locals.

 Mango Plantationmango plantation Guimaras

I won’t deny that I was quite disappointed because we weren’t able to see the trails of mango trees up close.¬†The tour guide said it’s already privately-owned so we just gazed at the greens from a few kilometers.

 Guisi Lighthouse


Built in the 18th century, this lighthouse stands in front of the Guisi beach. You’d need a three to five-minute trek to see it. In case you’d like a refreshment, some locals are selling buko¬†(coconut) fresh from the tree.

 Alubihod Beach

Seeing the beach is part of the tour but we didn’t push through with it because we’re running out of time. After the trip, we headed back to Iloilo and then traveled one hour via sea to Bacolod.


I hope you’d enjoy your Guimaras day tour as much as I did. Take a lot of photos, alright? Have fun!


Patchicha <3

first-timers in South Korea

9-Day Itinerary for First-Time Visitors in South Korea

Annyeong, chingu!

I spent nine days in South Korea last autumn (Sept. 29 to Oct. 8) – 6 days with my family and 3 days alone. It’s my first ever visit there so I’ve tried the most recommended travel spots in Seoul and Suwon for first-time visitors. It was a fun, a bit chilly, and colorful escape. I listed down my itinerary below just in case you’re planning to visit this East Asian nation anytime soon. Hope this helps!

Airlines: AirAsia & Jeju Air  |  Accommodation: Bong Stay Insadong


 Tapgol Park
 Bukchon Hanok Village РThis was a normal village until it became a shooting location of the K-drama Personal Taste. Nowadays, you will see restaurants, clothing stores and other businesses in the village. People also love strolling around Bukchon Hanok while wearing Hanbok, the traditional Korean attire.
 Insadong РThis long alley is one of the cheapest shopping areas in Seoul, especially for crafts and art pieces.



¬†Gyeongbokgung Palace –¬†This is the most popular palace in Seoul probably because it’s one of the most visible palaces in Korean dramas. Don’t miss the royal guard changing ceremonies as it’s the major traditional highlight in this tourist spot. Many locals and visitor also tour around the palace wearing hanboks.
 National Palace Museum
 Myeongdong Cathedral
 Changdeokgung Palace & Secret Garden
 N Seoul Tower РThis 237-meter tower became famous because of the Korean series Boys Over Flowers and Rooftop Prince. You may hang love locks on the railings of the view deck while appreciating the beautiful sceneries.



 Everland РThe Disneyland of Seoul!
¬†Myeongdong – Foreigners are all over this popular shopping haven for cosmetics & skincare products. You’ll also find nice fashion finds for discounted prices. It’s the ultimate pasalubong¬†area.



 Grevin Seoul Museum  РIf you wanna see the wax version of oppas and other influential people, visit this place!
 One Mount Snow Park РYou can do numerous things in this indoor snow and water park. Aside from the ice skating rink and slides, I loved the dog sledding experience. The amount of entrance passes cost less than 20,000 won, depending on the day and time of your visit. You must also expect to pay for the rental of ice skating shoes.
¬†Gwangjang Market –¬†This is a must-visit for food enthusiasts who’d like to try authentic Korean food. As a large traditional market, it’s also known for hand-made goods and quality linen.



¬†Nami Island – Do you remember this¬†moon-shaped island in the K-drama series Winter Sonata? For me, it’s the most relaxing tourist spot in South Korea. The colorful trees, especially those of the ginkgo trees, the rides, and the peaceful ambiance are more than enough for a breather. You’ll understand whywhen you’re there already. ūüôā
¬†Petite France –¬†As its name implies, this park is a smaller version of France.
 Garden of the Morning Calm



 Cheonggyecheon Stream
 Dongdaemun Design Plaza
¬†Ehwa Woman’s University – This is the oldest all-female university in SoKor.



 Haneul Park (Another IG-worthy spot!)
 Digital Media City


 Hwaseong Fortress (UNESCO)
 Korean Folk Village (Quite expensive but worth the visit)



 Every Nation Church Korea
 Last-minute shopping
 Incheon Airport

If you want to see my photos on this trip, view this Facebook album. Also, feel free to message me if you have questions and if you want some tips for first-time visitors in South Korea. Thanks!


Bangkok, Thailand

3-Day Itinerary in Bangkok, Thailand

Hola, peeps!

My family and I went to Bangkok, Thailand last June 16-19, 2017. It was an extra special vacation for me because it’s my first sponsored international trip as a freelance writer. Thanks to¬†BC Travel and Tours Corp¬†for the trust! <3 They provided the van transfers, tours, and hotel accommodation for us.

Anyway, I pasted our quick itinerary here just in case you’d like to know the best places to visit in Bangkok for first-timers. Yay! Enjoy!

Airline: Cebu Pacific
Hotel: Baiyoke Boutique
Travel Agency: BC Travel and Tours Corp

Day 1

 Wat Pho
¬†Grand Palace (King of Thailand’s Palace)
 Pratunam Market
¬†Street food¬†‚̧

Temples are sacred places for Thai people. The guards won’t let you in if you’re wearing shorts, above-the-knee skirts, and other “revealing” clothes. I was wearing shorts that time so I bought a pair of loose pants outside.

Day 2

 Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram
 Wat Intharawihan
 Jewelry Factory
 Leather Factory
 Erawan Shrine
 Standing Buddha
 Siam Center
 Night Market
 Central World

If you’re looking forward to shopping in Bangkok, the best buys are clothes, bags, other authentic leather products, and¬†jewelry. I bet you’ll go gaga over them because of the super affordable price tags.

Day 3

 Floating Market
 Elephant Village
 Thai Massage
 Night Market

I enjoyed our¬†last day the most because we had an encounter with the elephants. I won’t deny that I was a bit scared of them, but they’re really harmless and friendly. As for the authentic Thai massage, I’ve noticed that Thai masseuses are used to doing it the “hard” way so if you’re more into soft or medium massage like me, you better tell them before they start.


The entrance fees and other costs could change anytime so I chose not to include the amounts here to prevent any form of misinformation or confusion.

Btw, I took a lot of photos in there so in case you’d like to see more of them, kindly visit my Bangkok, Thailand¬†facebook album here. Thanks for reading!




#OnHigherGround2017: My First Singles’ Getaway Experience

I signed up for #OnHigherGround2017, the biggest singles’ event of Victory South Hub, with three things in mind: church involvement, fellowship, and God.¬† True enough, I’ve gained a new family (my teammates from Team A’right Arayat), and new sisters (my roomies¬†at room¬†436). But on top of everything, I have experienced God’s overwhelming presence — in that shaky function room in Manor Hotel — like I’ve never experienced Him before. He gave me confirmations; He comforted me through songs; I was reminded of His promises; I was reminded of my purpose as a Christian.

If you haven’t joined a singles’ event or any retreat before, I hope this entry could inspire you to join the next retreat in your congregation. I promise¬†it’s worth the vacation leave.

Three days of fellowship earned me lifetime friends.

                    #Onhigherground2017Team Alright Arayat

As you could see in the photos, my team was the cool, creative and clingy A’right Arayat. We’re like my favorite seafood platter — diverse yet perfectly mixed. There’s someone who makes us laugh through his genuine randomness (Hi, #UVExpress!); there’s a shy yet wisdom-filled lady, a businessman with a weird accent, a chinito engineer, a North Korean representative (JK!), a generous hotelier, witty/slightly bully teachers, a campus missionary who’s searching for the one, a fresh grad who’s getting out of her shell, a 100% English-speaking lawyer, and there were observers like me. A’riiiiiight?

(c) Atty. Jori

Apart from the fun group activities, I think the best moment I had with this team was during our last night at The Manor. We were pouring our hearts out in that real talk session — ignoring that we’re all freezing and sniffing because of the cold weather. I got to know them deeper; I got to see their souls; I got to see God’s work in their lives. Under the moonlight, we prayed together, plus rebuked and encouraged each other. In fact, until now, our team is still communicating. We have a Facebook group where anyone could open up a problem without feeling judged, where anyone could start a “poll” for unity’s sake, a group where we can send encouragement and virtual hugs.

There are a lot of verses in the Bible that talk about the importance of fellowship – Acts 2:42, Colossians 3:16, and Hebrews 10:24-25 to name a few. I never understood these verses until I became part of a Victory Group; and all the more after joining the singles’ event. You won’t trust someone you barely knew, right? I wouldn’t either. That’s why we really have to be intentional in getting to know other people. If you can’t boldly introduce yourself to someone just yet, joining a retreat could be a strategic move.

Being with souls who were as hungry for God’s presence as I was boosted my fire.

(c) Jetro

If you want a coal to fire up, you have to put it together with burning coals. The same goes for Christians. Whenever we’re feeling dry and empty, we have to be with people who have the fire for God. That’s what happened at On Higher Ground. I was one of those losing the fire. But the little spark left in my coal became ablaze because I was able to worship and spend time with other coals who were also burning for God.¬† Romans 12:11 says “Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive.” To ensure this, we have to stay together.

I gained beautiful memories.


(c) Charm & Jerilyn

Another memory that I’d like to revisit from this experience was being able to talk about God’s Word with my LG-mates¬†in a totally unique setting. I can remember holding my stick of street food along Session Road while listening to my LG-mates as they share how God spoke to them during worship and the sessions. It was a beautiful sight to remember.

The girl talk with my gorgeous, girly companions at room 436 was also worth mentioning. I’m glad even for a short span of time, I learned a glimpse of their love lives and faith walk. <3

God has used this event to confirm what He wanted me to do.


(c) Aaron

My mind was filled with questions and uncertainties before the getaway. God wanted me to do something that my heart was resisting. I was full of fear and unbelief. I even thought maybe I was just hearing myself and not God. But God spoke to me through the songs, the preachings, and through the Holy Spirit. I can still remember the powerful words that came from Pastor Janssen Morados.¬†“Relentless faith is not moved by fear. You are not intimidated; you are not moved by fear.” And he continued with “We, people, are in search of fulfillment. Unfortunately, most of us see it in the wrong places. God would love to [give you] the comforts of this life, but He wants to use those for His purpose. This is not your story; it is God’s story through you.”

While cringing at the truth, I couldn’t contain my tears from falling because I could sense the Lord’s presence. I know the Holy Spirit talked to each and every person in that room through Pastor Janssen.

The event aimed to glorify God, and He was there with us.



(c) Victory Alabang Singles’ group

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” –¬†Matthew 18:20

I don’t know how to stress this enough but while worshipping, many of us cried, lifted our hands, and jumped to the point of almost breaking the second floor of the Forest Lodge because we have felt God’s presence. We knew He’s there. We knew He’s happy seeing His people gathering to celebrate the¬†freedom¬†he gave through Jesus Christ.

The miracles didn’t end in the retreat. God has given me a “direct” word/confirmation through a random Christian person I didn’t know a few days after the event. I still couldn’t believe it until now, but that’s our God. He reveals Himself graciously and wonderfully. I won’t tell the story here anymore ’cause I don’t wanna read TLDR comments. HAHAHA.


Anyway, the Lord has used #OnHigherGround2017 to increase my faith in Him, and elevate my fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It has helped me better appreciate the importance of being with fellow believers, to be fearless, and to continuously say yes to the Great Commission. With that, I’m grateful.

Thank You, Lord!¬† Thank you, Victory South Hub. Thank you, Pastor Francis and Miss Christabelle. Thank you, OHG-mates! I can’t wait for the next getaway! <3

4-Day Itinerary in San Vicente, Palawan

Palawan is known for housing one of the seven wonders of the world (The Underwater River), for having some of the best diving spots across the globe, and for having the most serene lagoons in the country.

In case you’ve already visited El Nido, Puerto Princesa, and Coron, and you thought you’re done with Palawan, I’m here to tell you otherwise. San Vicente, a town located about four hours away from Puerto Princesa, is another hidden gem in this province. If you’re a lover of white sand and the sun, you should definitely explore this place. For four days, the average all-in amount you’ll spend with this itinerary is between P11,000 and 15,000, depending on your food choices.

Here’s my four-day itinerary when I visited San Vicente, Palawan last July 2017 with my family and friends.

Airline: Philippine Airlines

Lodging: Turubien Resort

Day 1

 Dinner at Ka Inato
 Four-hour travel time from Puerto Princesa to San Vicente
 Arrival at Turubien Resort, Long Beach

Long Beach, the 14-kilometer shoreline in San Vicente, is probably the next big thing in Palawan. It’s actually three times longer than the shoreline in Boracay; hence the name Long Beach. I guess it could be one of the most visited beaches in Palawan a few years from now — or it could become the next Boracay although if you would ask me, I want it to remain the same. Peaceful. Relaxing. Flawless.

Day 2 (Island Hopping)

 Maxima Island
 Inaladelan/German Island (Turtle watching + Lunch)
 Twin Reef (Snorkeling venue)
 Sand Bar
 Dinner at Long Beach

Day 3 (Island Hopping 2)

 Tandan Beach (highly Instagrammable virgin beach)
 Palawan Camping (perfect for team building, family camping, honeymooners)
 Nao Nao Island
 Port Barton
¬†Bigaho Falls (It’s a gem!!!! The photos can’t justify its beauty)

The most beautiful secrets of San Vicente were revealed on our second island hopping. My favorite parts of day 3 were (1) being able to enjoy the beauty of Tandan Beach all to ourselves, (2) being able to explore Palawan Camping for free, and being able to privately swim at the breathtaking Bigaho Falls. I definitely want to repeat this tour when I come back to San Vicente.

Day 4 (Side trip: Puerto Princesa)

 Crocodile Farm
¬†Baker’s Hill (Home of the best hopia)

To kill time while waiting for our flight, we dropped by the Crocodile Farm, Bakers’ Hill and Balinsasayaw in Puerto Princesa.


Feel free to message me via Facebook or Instagram if you have questions about this San Vicente, Palawan itinerary. Have a great day ahead! ūüôā




cebu city itinerary

3-Day Cebu City Itinerary

This time last year, my family and I went to Cebu for a quick city tour. I just want to share with you our quick 3-day Cebu City itinerary, plus the other places you can visit.

Hotel: Mandarin Park Hotel
Airlines: Cebu Pacific

Day 1

– Basila de Sto. Ni√Īo & Museum
– Fort San Pedro
– Fort San Pedro
– Magellan’s Cross
– Taoist Temple
– Ayala Center Cebu

Day 2

– Temple of Leah
– Sirao Farm
– STK Ta Bay
– Crown Regency Skywalk + Edge Coaster
– Taboan Market

Day 3

– Allegre’s Guitar Factory
– 10,000 Roses Cafe

Have a safe trip!