Thank You for the Ups and Downs, 2018

grateful for 2018

2018 has been a year of extremes. I’ve had the hardest battles at one end and got answered prayers on the other. But for the mountaintops and setbacks, I’m grateful. I’m grateful because more than anything else, His grace abounds. I’m grateful that every time I make stupid decisions, my Dad up there embraces me […]

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4D3N Bali, Indonesia Itinerary

bali indonesia itinerary

Tourists from different continents have been flocking into Bali, Indonesia in recent years, and as a fellow Asian, it made me wonder why. My sheer curiosity led to actual flight tickets from Manila to Bali last August 31, 2018. There’s so much to explore in this region, but because two of my friends and I […]

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4D3N Batanes Itinerary with Wakay Tours

batanes itinerary

My cousins and I wandered across Batanes for the first time last March 23-26. The province is composed of three islands namely Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat islands. We’ve explored the first two islands only because apparently, the boat ride from Batan port to Itbayat would take around four hours per way. We didn’t have enough […]

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From Benham Rise to Philippine Rise: First Anniversary

I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to play a role during the first anniversary of the renaming of Benham Rise (the 13-million-hectare underwater plateau in Aurora that China was claiming theirs) to PHILIPPINE RISE. Because of this event, I’ve witnessed head-on how genuinely patriotic and selfless Filipinos are, especially the Army, the […]

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There’s a Reason Why I’m Still Here

why I'm still here

There were times when I would feel so little and incapable, when I would feel unable to pass trials, when I would feel alone, or when I would feel discouraged; and I would ask God to just take my life. I know these thoughts are irrational and impure. Yet my melancholic heart would cause me to […]

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8 Perks of Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor

financial advisor

If you’re looking for a job or planning to change careers, feel free to apply as a Sun Life financial advisor. Here are some of the perks: 1. Living with a Purpose Apart from personal goals, Sun Life financial advisors know they exist not just for themselves. They share the same purpose: to spread financial literacy and […]

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